The 7 Signs of MIC

MIC InspectionLiberty Corrosion Solutions is an Innovative way to save on repairs and extend service life! Protecting capital investments from MIC Corrosion within Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Educate your Staff on the top 7 Signs of Micro-biologically Influenced Corrosion. As with many forms of maintenance, Early detection of MIC in your fire sprinkler system can save thousands. By educating staff on signs and symptoms CPMs are detecting MIC prior to costly damages occurring

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Signs of Corrosive Activity:

  1. System tripping / false alarms.
  2. Foul smell when system is drained.
  3. Signs of rust around valves and fittings.
  4. Rust stains around system drains.
  5. Reoccurring pin hole leaks.
  6. Air compressor running often.
  7. Visual build-up of material within pipes.
  8. Reduced or no water pressure.